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"What exactly is a Travel Wizard Advisor? Is it synonymous with a travel advisor or travel agent?

The terms ‘travel agent’ and ‘travel advisor’ are often used interchangeably. Initially, the industry primarily referred to professionals as ‘travel agents,’ but there has been a rebranding effort to highlight the comprehensive role that a travel advisor plays. We embrace both terms!

In our view, Travel Wizzy Advisors represent the next generation of travel professionals. Yes, we earn income by selling and booking trips, but our role extends far beyond mere transactions. As consultants and advocates, Travel Wizzy Advisors work closely with clients to understand their vacation needs. From booking staycations to planning honeymoons, we handle all the intricate travel arrangements.


What sets Travel Wizzy Advisors apart is their access to our robust training resources, including seamless technology for efficient bookings and direct access to specialists with destination expertise. Plus, Travel Wizzy Advisors can focus on their passion—building their travel business—without the hassle of tracking commission payments or invoicing travel partners." 😊

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Yearly Agent (Travel Wizard)

    Every year
    +$24.99 New Agent Startup Fee
    This yearly plan gives you the oportunity to become a Travelwizzy expert earning 70% commissions!
    • Become your own boss.
    • Sell On Your Own Schedule
    • Earn Unlimited 70% Commissions for selling travel.
    • Access To Growing Library Of Training
    • Opportunity To Sell Under our Brand or Your Own
  • Agent Starter Plan (Travel Wizard)

    Become your own boss and earn unlimited 50% commissions. All at no cost to you.
    Free Plan
    • Become Your Own Boss
    • Sell On Your Own Schedule
    • Earn Unlimited 50% Commissions for selling travel.
    • Access to growing library of training.
    • Opportunity to sell under our brand or your own.
  • Travel Wizard - Monthly Plan

    Every month
    +$24.99 Agent Startup Fee
    This monthly plan gives you the oportunity to become a Travelwizzy expert earning 70% commissions!
    • Become your ow boss.
    • Sell On Your Own Schedule
    • Earn Unlimited 70% Commissions for selling.
    • Access to Growing Library Of Training.
    • Opportunity To Sell Under Our Brand Or Your Own.

Learn More Below! 

What is a "Travel Agent" 

A travel agent is someone who sells, curates and books travel. Generally they book under what is called a "Host Agency" (Like TravelWizzy). Travel agents then work with clients on what hotels, air travel, and other accommodations they need directly. They earn commission from booking hotels, experiences, cruises, tickets to events and so much more. In addition travel agents work with the hotels and other partners to ensure that their clients trips go smoothly. All of the payments for your clients are sent directly to the vendor and never get process through TravelWizzy ensuring your customer a secure vacation free of issues. 

Do I need to get a Travel Agent License? 

No!! All of our advisors are automatically licensed to sell with TravelWizzy after signing up with a membership above. TravelWizzy provides the tools and logins you need to start selling travel right away directly with very well known vendors like Expedia, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and so much more! 

We give you access to all of the tools and training portals that you will need to get started and there are NEVER any sales quotas to meet. You sell and earn commission when you want on your timing. 

All you need to do to get started is apply above and we will schedule a google meeting to talk over the program with you. 

Where do travel agents work? 

Some people enjoy going into a boring office for the just ok free coffee. NOT US!!  All of our agents are fully remote and can earn as much as they want to and work when they want to. 


Basically your the BOSS!


We give you the tools to start your own travel agency and earn as much $$ as you desire to sell. 

All you need is a passion for travel, a good working computer and a good Wi-Fi connection to support your clients. So if your looking for a flexible way to make monetize your love your travel, this is the right program for you! 

What types of travel can I book as a TravelWizard? 

Some advisors focus on booking hotels, while others focus on full itineraries for their clients. This could be planning experiences for them during their trip and so much more. It really depends on what you as the Agent wish to sell to your clients and how much commission off each booking your looking to earn. We give you the tools to book well over 345,000 tour and activity options for your clients. In addition to the ability to book hotels, car rentals, activities and tickets. Some advisors also sell things like Cruises with some of the biggest vendors in the world Like Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise line, plus more. 

We offer the ability to book as much as your clients can dream up, so you can fulfill those dreams! 

Where do TravelWizards typically book vacations? 

If you can think of a destination, we give you the tools to help your clients book it...Its that simple! 

What kind of Travel Partnerships do we have? 

We are partnered with many companies to offer a wide Variety of options for your clients! 

Those include (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando & Hollywood, Expedia, Vax Vacations, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Legoland Orlando, SeaWorld, MSC Cruise Line, Margaritaville At Sea, Carnival Cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and so so much more and growing! 

If you or your clients can dream it....we give you the tools to book it for them! 

How Do Commissions Work? 

Depending on your subscription tier you retain 50%-70% of the commission being offered by the vendor. 

You report that sale through our commission reporting tool along with the booking confirmation. 

Your client goes on their trip...3 Weeks after the trip end your commissions are paid out via Paypal. 

Example Commission: Carnival Cruise Line offers you $150 commission on a sale you are making. 

50% Tier = You earned $75 of that $150 on the sale. (We keep $75 as our cut for using our license)

70% Tier =(Our paid plan) $105 is earned on that sale (We keep $45 as our cut for using our license) 

It's really that simple and an easy way to earn passive income when you want to! 

Do I need an LLC To Join TravelWizzy?

No! TravelWizzy is a licensed business in the state of OH. That means you can operate under our umbrella and we handle all of the complicated parts of being a travel agency. Upon joining Travel Wizzy you will be considered a "1099 Independent Contractor"  You do not need an LLC to signup with us and you don't need anything like an EIN. We have done all of the work on starting the Agency. We simply allow you to sell for your clients under our umbrella. 

No Business License or Paperwork to start a company required. We handled all of that already! We fulfill the travel for your clients by giving you access to the tools we are authorized to sell in directly. You make the bookings and plans for your clients through our systems. You can also sell through a Facebook or social media group as your chosen name for your company. 

Do I have to sell as "Travel Wizzy"? 

Have a travel Facebook/Instagram/or TikTok? You can totally use your own name and just state that your travel is fulfilled by TravelWizzy. You can even create a new Facebook or social media account and sell! 

This is your business and you sell travel how you wish to your clients. We simply offer an easier path to getting the tools and licensing you need to sell Travel Agent discounted Rates. 

Can I earn commission on my bookings?

YES!! Being a travel advisor has its perks! You can sell yourself discounted Travel Agent rates and make commission off of your own Travel. 

This means you can go into your carnival booking tools or any other vendor. Book a vacation for yourself and then report it as a commission sale.

Its a WIN WIN all around. You get discounted travel and earn money either selling to clients or yourself. 

Some vendors even offer you a rewards programs that can earn you gift cards and special SWAG on top of everything. 

Ready to get started?!? 

If all of this sounds amazing....its because it is! 

Scroll back up and click the subscription tier you wish to start on. We will review your application, schedule a demo call to show you how easy it is and then get you started on your Travel Advisor (Wizard) Journey. 

It couldn't be simpler even if we tried!! 

Thats why our motto is "Travel So Easy, It's Like A Wizard Did It" 

Let us be the first to welcome you aboard!! 

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